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Joseph & Georgi's Puerto Vallarta Wedding

And a Good Time Was Had by All!   Watch it here"

Joseph & Georgi's Wedding Video & events

Our story started  in August of 2005 Georgi was one of the counselors and my group leader of Pembroke a Ministerial Leadership Retreat hosted by the Chicago chapter of Black Methodist for Church Renewal (BMCR) and I was a student attending my 1st time. As the week progressed I developed a crush to which I was politely given the "little bro" title. Nonetheless a friendship was born and we remained close friends throughout high school and college.

In August of 2014 we reconnected at the place we met and decided to grab something to eat a week later. Let Georgi tell it she believed she was just getting something to eat and catching up with an old friend, but I was carefully finding my way out the "friend zone." We spent the next week getting continuing to catch up and then I was off to Albany to start my master's program. I had a trying moment early in my program and Georgi helped me through it, it was at that time I knew she was "the one." So a month into grad school Georgi flies into Albany and we decided that we would date. From there we have traveled the world and grown stronger as a couple.

In June of 2018 as Georgi was finishing up flight attendant training for Southwest Airlines, I found out that I was hired to begin a career with Eli Lilly and Company. I already had an engagement ring for Georgi that I had been holding on to for about a year and I hatched a plan with the help of my parents to propose to Georgi at my "going away party."  She said "YES" after dancing for about 5 minutes  and now we are headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to get married.

We hope to see you there as well!